DRAKE - Right Hand

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You're my right hand, you're my go to

Told me everythin’ about you

That's a bold move

I know that you're out here

And there's things you gotta go throw

Just know that these streets just don't love you like I do, yeah

And they never will


But I swear you gotta chill

You wan’ grip Benz wheel

And I know you can't wait

You dream big and sleep late

You got a lot on your plate

That's why you're always workin’ out

Taking pictures of yourself

You don't see anybody else

You're like ooh well

You're like fuck it ooh well

My past behind me like a pony tail



Okey I know you want the Audi

I know you wanna go to Maui

You and all your girlfriends

The ones you never bring around me

Cuz you don't trust me like your last man

Did he open doors for ya?

Buy the things he can't afford for you

Cuz he must have did a lot for you

I just fell back with it

And now your past is behind you

Like the car with the strap in it

Thank God that's finished

Cuz now it's back to business

Any more henny and you're past the limit

You told me bout the picture

Now you have to send it

I would never put you on blast when I get tight here

(Hook x 2)

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