DRAKE - Overdose (ft. Travie & Mickey Factz)

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I aint been here in a minute

Cut the lights off I feel fantastic right now baby

Yeah look

I said used to cut the porch lights on and now I cut the Porsche lights on

Just to let em now their foresights wrong

When this rapper gone with that obscure ice on

He a lame I’m trying my mature life on

O-D, O-D, everybody know me

Even fans that resemble them kids in the OC

Oh me oh my them girl love me Seth Cohen

So get grip, get a glass and pour that XO in

I dare one of these niggas to say I’m not insane

Pick a road cause where you driven it’s not a lane

And Rest in Peace Pimp C life is not game

Taking over the world no pinky just a lot of Brain

He bought to send them the shit that I am on

You probably couldn’t predict that I’m on

My sense of judgment is officially gone

Up into the air all the smoke from the is blown

I’m grown, I’m grown I’m living in the elevated zone alone

I’m up so high I’m never coming down

You say you got them hoes but they never coming round

I got penthouse bars I stay high above your ass

And I can see it all my balcony is glass

And wifeys over bitches and money over her

Cause moneys under nothing my life is just a blur

That’s not the way it has to go but that what I prefer

And do not disagree with me its best you just concur

I’m a legend with a legacy that can help but survive

Even when I fuckin die they gon bury me alive

And I’m so prestigious

I brought my niggas from the hood to the beaches

I’m living good grippin wood with all the features

Jesus my money straight no creases peep this

We got bottles in the air

Kush is in the air we good

Bitches over there we good

Money over flow we good

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