DRAKE - No Tellin

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Envelopes comin' in the mail, let her open em

Hoping fo' a check again, ain't no telling

Yeah, she invite me to the telly

Keep the blade wit me when I go to check a bitch, ain't no' tellin'

Yeah, police coming round looking fo' sum' help

On a case they got to solve, we never help em

Yeah, I stay up late at night, thinking bout' my life

Want a lot, will I get it all? Ain’t no telling

Ain't no telling, yeah, ain't no telling

Yeah, no telling, ain't no telling


Suitcase, I been livin' out of a suitcase

Still drinking Henny, if it's done, I'll take the D'usse

Oops, aye, fuck it, all ya niggas 2 faced

Got the club goin' up on a Tuesday

True say, I been goin' hard but then again

They think I'm soft, think I'm innocent

I'm just looking in the mirror like I'm really him

Man, I'm really him, ya just filling in, man

I gotta blunt, can I get a light?

Yeah, I took the summer off to get it right

Yeah, I gave these boys a shot & they fucking failed

Niggas like 'ya took the summer off? we couldn't tell'

Dawg, just bought a island gotta sail to it

Ya pick the casket, I'll put the nail thru it

I ain't gotta do it, but fuck it sumeone gotta do it

Hate if sumeone else did it, fuck, I may as well do it


(Verse 2)

I had to switch the flow up on ya niggas

The shit was getting 2 predictable

The new shit on steroids, I would neva pass a physical

I got it rolling in all kind of ways, lump sum & residual, yeah

I mean we hear about the money ya be getting but we just neva see a visual

It's our year (aw yeah), Aw yeah

I mean besides Ricky Ross, Aubrey the biggest boss here (grunt)

What's the word these days?

Buncha' niggas chasin' afta all these woman they don't even know

Buncha' out of season woman fucking off season niggas to get last season wardrobe

All the rappers that ya vouch fo' need to get out of the house more, they washed up

& even if the team was religious wid it

I can't really see another squad tryin' to cross us, no

OVO unruly, 1 shot to make it in a life

From the 6 to the fuckin' A turns



I got to keep watching fo' Opper's cuz anything is possible, yeah

There's no code in ethics out here, anyone will take shots at ya, yeah

Niggas think they can come take what I got, let's be logical, yeah

V-Live, I order that Alfredo pasta then eat in the kitchen like I'm in the mafia

Houston, they get me tho, European, my vehicle

How much it hit me fo'? Ain't no telling, yeah

What am I willing to give her to get what I want tonight?

Ain't no telling

Please don't speak to me like I'm that Drake from four years ago

I'm at a higher place

Thinking they lions & tigers & bears, I go hunting

Put heads on my fire place, oh my, take time

Ain't no telling, oh my, take time, ain't no telling

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