New music: Drake Ft. Nicki Minaj 'Make Me Proud'

New music: Drake Ft. Nicki Minaj 'Make Me Proud'Though Drake pushed back his Take Care album release to November 19th, he revealed a brand new song called 'Make Me Proud' which features Young Money femcee Nicki Minaj. And all we can say about the song is "I'm so proud of you"! Both!

The Canadian rapper begins his verses: "I like a woman with a future and a past/ A lil' attitude problem all good, it'll make st last Don't make it too easy girl, don't take it too fast" and Nicki later joins him on the hook: "B-b-b-bet I am, all of them b*hes I'm better then/ Mansions in Malibu babblin/ And I never mention everything I dabble in/ And I always buy? slow when I'm straddlin' ".

Listen to Drake's new song 'Make Me Poud' feat Nicki Minaj below:

Talking about creative process of the song, Drizzy recalled, "Whenever I make songs surrounding women, I always try to find refreshing stances to take as opposed to just like, 'Oh, you're sexy' or 'Oh, I want you.' The song, it really came up in passing conversation, just being like, 'I'm proud of you'."

He added, "Not even necessarily that a woman has to go achieve grandiose things to be proud; it's just that I'm proud of you for trying. It's hard to be a woman out here these days, especially to be pretty and especially to be smart and want something for yourself. So I'm just proud of you whether it's Nicki or any girl that I've ever known in my life that's doing well for herself."