DRAKE - New verse teaser

rate me

You see bad bitches and fall in love

I be talkin' arithmetic in the club


Young Frank I seen all of your favorite girls naked

Mental pictures were taken I never forget they faces

They lucky I can't draw

But still I'm artistic

Money on the way It's got both of my palms itchin

You boys in the wrong business. For real

You boys in the wrong business

All this sittin back and watchin' will make you a strong witness

Testify on how I'm living

Make sure its non-fiction

Don’t leave out anybody that put me in this position

We couldn’t have done it better

We changed this city forever

Puffin Shisha

Lay back fucking with FIFA

What I get for the feature I wouldn’t fuck with me either for real

Now I'm in it for the hoes and the checks

Care less about respect from niggas I never met


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