DRAKE - New Shit

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They ask me about this rapper chick I might know

I say I never hit it but we sure to try it right though

My verses smother pizza and they are in need of some lipo

As for rappers, she is not my type, she's like a typo

Flow is universal, take a blood test, I'm type O

Nottz do me a favor, turn the volume up, it's quite low

Alright so, I might blow, my chain?

See life is a scrimmager I am running the ice so

What is about to unfold, don't tell 'er like a dice throw

Meet a lot of chicks so your girl is someone I might know

It's only if she's nice though, I ain't about the wife though

And let know, Uncle Ben's rice throw, that is just how my life go

And move faster than the leopard sprint

Around the world, got a lot of spots like leopard print

I used to think you play too much

But I'd rather go deaf than lose touch

Holla at me baby


Been a minute, I know my number outta service

Cause sometimes I don't really wanna be reached

Damn now things change in a year

Tell me how everything go

And I know someone told me you wanted to teach

Lemme give you my (new sh-t)

Now lemme give you my (new sh-t)

Then call me anytime, I'll bet you I'll be around, 'round

Since you came into college, hill is somethin you still tebow

Then you switched the vibe and listened to Il Divo

Or maybe DMP, A Tribe Called Quest

But when you call too much then I call less

You would always complain about my small texts

But what you call conversation I call stress

And that put a barrier between both of our carriers

And I would be like "I ain't getting service in your area"

You be like "n-gga get your balls up"

I just string you along like I was tuning guitars up

I know that I was wrong

I think that this is fate

You took out those extensions and lost you a lil weight

Your booty lookin bigger and I think that sh-t is great

A fresh start is in order, lemme take you on a date

Take you on a date, I used to think you used to play too much

But I'd rather go deaf than lose touch

Holla at me baby! (look)

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