DRAKE - Money To Blow

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I am on twenty four hours champange diet spilling while I'm sipping I encourage you to try it I'm probably just saying that cause I don't have to buy it the club owner supply it boy I'm on that fly shit boy I am what everyone in my past don't want me to be thats why I made it I'm the muthafucking man I just want you to see come take a look get a load of this nigga quit fronting on me don't come around and try to gas me up I like running on E I I I i I'm on my disney shit goofy flow own records I'm caping hook and my new car is roofio damn where my roof just go I'm somebody that you should know get the shaking something cause that's what drumma producing fo yes I make mistake that I don't ever make excuses for like even girls that love me and constantly seducing hoes I'm losing my thoughts I said damn where my roof go top slip off like janet at the super bowl

richer than the riches we certified getin cm wm cash money buisness higher than the ceiling fly like a bird hit the gucci store and later get served we smoked out wit no roof on it them people passin we smash on it buying out we keep the cash on deck lambourghinis and the bentlys on the v set louie lens iced up wit the black diamonds car of the year ferrari the new spider no lie im higher than ive ever been born rich born up town born to win fully loaded automatic 6 benz candy paint foriegn lights wit my bitch in born hustling to big niggas to side me up cant stop more money buring up

well i get paid every 24 hours money in the power c-come to vip and get a champiagn shower i dont have to worry because every thing ours and i got that big boque of maryjanes flowers that kush i promise thats my doubbie and we dont smoke on that reggie bush and im wit 2 women that you probably have to take a second look we poppin like champaign bottles wit me never shook and we gonna be alrite if we put drake on every hook

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