DRAKE - Juice

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Yeh, ah... ah

Boy wonder... Drizzy

Ah... ah... Uh

Ya'll ain't really like me

I can understand

Ma flow is sitting right inside da pocket on ma pants

I'm still fly, you can't float

Run this shit, you sink boat

A write your favorite records, you sing ghost

20 thousand for a verse, is our routine quote

I'm getting rich, aah, you staying broke

Chilling if even if am in a goosed down coke

I can't' see you through the Mosley Tribes

So I don't' even flinch if you thorw me hi fives

They try to measure up, but there's no my size

Whatever 40 smokin bout to low my eyes

Beast mode on them, a never take a night off

Every single thing a nigga purchase is a write off

Grounded as the one way pavement am taking flight off

Baby go ahead and cut the lights off

Cause It's about to go...

I hear ma phone ringing when they call

A ain't picking up or entertaining them at all

Got your girl face down and banging on the wall

While you and all your homeboys, hatin and remain small

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmmmmm

I cannot relate

Riding with some tags that a got from out-a-state

Riding with a swag that a got from out-a-space

Just show me who's the hottest I'm a knock him out his place

Call me homeside drizzy, about to kill your ego

I'm about ma green, puffin goody like I'm celo

You can go and take a glance at your hero

While the Houston ship a pole dancing zero

Fantacy to you, reality to me

And yeh ma g-pass is as valid as can be

I'm, I'm so fresh, a stylist with degree

Waving at your girl

While she's smiling back at me like...

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