DRAKE - Jodeci

rate me

26 on my 3rd GQ cover

Your new shit sound like you do covers

Of all of my oh shit oh shit

I devoted to make sure that shit goes unnoticed

Sway you niggers is hopeless

I should run a clinic for niggers

That think they winning of some comb shit

50 aims for a 3 month road trip

I see straight through’em

Like fish tanks with no fish in them

Drizzy still got some 06 in them

IRS all in my books

Getting them locked on

All this capital

Is like I left the caps lock on

Every time I plot a return

I see a ship that gained

See I could still talk kids with that pitching game

Pay yourself and owe yourself

For you come to my city

Just know yourself

Know where you at

I’m good in every town

Imma be there doing shows where you at

The lights hit and women scream like Jodeci’s back


Young Money is just a little Barney’s co-op

For you to be trying to show off

I mean your girl air plants seeds like a grow up

You know the aberration and Callie soon as the snow job

Ow stop, please stop arguing about who’s the best in sea

I think everyone would agree

That Jordan and

I know I’m a short shot

Middle finger poking you in your sore spot

Balls sound like I’m at an oath nigger

I Comedy Central roll nigger

And turn them to ghosts nigger


Either I’m getting bigger

Or you’re just getting small

Or it’s both nigger

I’m just as unforgiving as most niggers

You bid the hand, now starve

It’s not a joke nigger

I hear you at it

After I teach you to roll nigger

Bitches paint on the only toenails

Then show up at the show

The after party in a hotel

That 5 star in the city

They know where we at

I hit the lobby, women screaming like Jodeci’s back


Jodeci back!

Women screaming like Jodeci’s back!

I call the front desk for condom

She say it ain’t got none

The way that I’m spinning

You know how we play

Jodeci back!

Fucking hoes like Jodeci’s back!

I paint pictures and flip words

And nigger would’ve thought

That poetry back

Rooftop, whole serve up

Looking for your bitch but she won’t turn up

Wondering where she is

Fuck where she been

She’s a ho, she’s a slut, she’s a freak

Heard a couple nigger haitin’

But them fuck niggers weak

Turn 100 000 $ like it sucks to be me

Ain’t that what you wanted

Stomp on all you niggers

Came in this game never fucking all you niggers

Getting heart and soul

Stories of my pain

Self making ‘cause I laid it all

My glory and my pain

Caught fire just ahead niggers

Know me in my flank

Burn down the house they tryin to put me in a rain

No fucking less you lame niggers and daughters

Imma got a bleeder and that’s just me an my

Go check the numbers dummy

That’s just me getting started

Artistic with niggers, artistic retarded

Hold your up last

Who gives a poker face when

You jump to show me your cards?

David and Goliath

Taking on the giants

No need for pause when I tell you my balls’ bigger

Then yours

No false guts

Young Mike playing gets the

Mind starts tapping in the 94-9s

But then 96-J

On that chronic shit Drake

Which is really just Slim Shady

I’m silly, my being crazy today

Today I’m out in Philly

My fans waiting for 12 hours

Just to get they dollars signed

Thoughts stream like I’m outta spine

Bottom line

Till it’s too cool to school nigger

I’m color vine

Flow dumber than your projections

This makes twice now

I double what you expect

And yet your colors keep complexing me

Maybe it’s too complex for me

But this is about skills, this is about sales

Either fucking way

All them niggers are less then me

Bitches screaming like Jodeci’s back

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