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(Feat. J. Cole)

Baby you summer time fine

I let you get on top I’ll be underline

I‘m tryin to get beside you like the number nine

,, you finest here

I guess I met you for a reason only time can tell

I’m wonder what type of shit you want it

Do you like the finest things if you’re a simple woman

Would you drink with a nigga do we smoke with

Don’t be ashamed there ain’t no thing

I used to blow trees getting lifted

I quit the game I might be .. with you

Its only fitting ‘cause I’m looking super fly with you

A fly with you powerfull you do something to me

‘cause baby I cut devise Do something to me

So I don’t bet my nigga ..who is that

Boy she bad nigga .. to do with that

I’m .. take you home .. little Patron baby

Now we zone that, baby you’re so fine.


Can I hit in the morning

Can I hit in the morning

Can I hit in the morning

The sunrise why you mown at?

Can I hit in the morning

Can I hit in the morning

Can I hit in the morning

The sunrise why you mown at?

Baby you ..time call the night is still young

Drink that dinner wine slow

I’m tryin to make a .. so you’re in a.. show

I let you be with .. finish lines go

And if you gotta be at work

I’ll be right here in the same bed that you left me in

I love .. ‘cause my .. she wrote me a question ..

I used to go to the .... never see let me

I .. I mean that thing is .. I mean

You kinda like the that girl .. I mean

I got this thing in the agenda that you’re ..

.. things ic an do low .. no need the top

we can drive in the covers

When you think you like it I promise you’re gonna love it

Yeah when life is coming to the ..

I wrote .. and ask if I get it in the morning.


Hey hey

God bless the child that can held on his own

God bless the woman that can hold Patron

God bless the whole ..drovers ..

No stranger test like ..

You see my intention with you was clear

I’m learning not to judge it one .. the shit she wear

.. after shit .. all because my career, to be fair

I know we barely know each other and yeah

Somehow I .. in you r ears ..we head it from here

You said if it’s scared but if you through ..we can do something

...you’re be callin out, ‘cause the night I’m getting right

..sexxes like a reward then I’m going my way .. you think about me


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