DRAKE - Funkmaster Flex Freestyle

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Yea, I'm tellin you

I'm tellin you,

Uh yea

Ohhh... yea, you know yea

Young, I got cha, look... I say

Young money to the young boy dyin out

You hear me cryin out

You see me ridin' out

And if ya man get to stuntin'

We'll buy em' out

Cause we be livin' with these other rappers lyin bout

Drizzy Drake, what

Funk Flex, uhh

Hot 9-7, I'm so far gone

Yea... I'm just gettin started here we go

Look... uhhh

Feelin good, feelin great, how you though

Bet you hear my name every single place that you go

Sippin' on pink shit but nah it ain't Nuvo

Slow the F down fo' yo ass is on Pluto... yeaaa

Tell me what it do

I belong to the youngest Grammy nominated crew

My city love me, but I got Toronto haters too

That sit around and talk about

What they'd a done if they was you... yeaaa

But know I ball with a sphere in sight

Club owners give me reasons to appear at night

And just knoww that I be in the mirror like

Are you listenin'? I hope you hearin right... yea

I'm in the Ashton martin doin doughnuts

I will kill the game and never send it my condolance

Taught to never love a chick and only love the moments

New York City I can tell the people want it...

Uhh, what you got for me flex, uh

Ohh, alright alright alright

I gotta get on my gritty

You want me on my gritty

Alright, look

Uh, loook uhhh, New York

Uhhh, uhhhh, check

I say it like this, I say ummm, uh

Vaccum materials and shine wills...

What cha life like, this how mine feels

I like my seat back, I like my wine chill

I look good, smell better, and I rhyme illl...

I say I'm at these girls neck n head

You and yo girl sleep in seperate beds

I killed this, tell flex it's dead...

You got birthday cake, mines weddin tall

Ya'll lemon small, ya'll never ball

I get the girl of ya dreams and I never call

NY I got it I'm bout whatever ya'll...

Yea 40 hears my interviews, tone it down

I'm at ya girls condo gettin shown around

Yea why you takin everything personal

This that in ya face, all offensive on purpose flow

My city never F'n need me

Yea, oh wait no they really need me

Oh wait, hold up, Young F'n Weezy

Holla at me when you done F'n Weezy

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