DRAKE - Comeback Season

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I got ice all over my windshield

I can tell it's gon' be a cold winter

I hit the defrost

I never turn the heat off

And still I'm so chilli willy snowflake

These silly billies really feel to act as if they know Drake

Always gossipin' callin' and textin'

Magneto niggas tryna bring down ex-men/ X-men

Tellin' my ex-girl tryna ex-plain

How I am no good so go with the next man

But dog

You don't know me

You don't know us

We go by the name of A-T-F

And any previous affiliation

They know to hold they tongue and I spare 'em humiliation

I know you in and out

Nigga I am not playin'

Just fall back keep on Escape'in and Alize'in

And stop tryna act like you like me and my team

Not us so you knock us

That's precisely what I mean

And dog

It's forever clear

My money evergreen

My presence required in places you have never been

It's all in a day's work that's what I am on

NBC, MTV, Viacom

And who's Continental GT is outside

Showin' them how monumental he be?

One wheel one the curb

Ticket on the dash

It's like e'ry fuckin' summer I just switch it on they ass

And maaan I'm a commodity

None of them as hot as me

The industry standard

So I am what they gotta be

'Cause Drake's syllables is like Jake Gyllenhaal

Can't help it

I been brainwashed to kill 'em all

I think I should pass my own amendment

You frontin' with glass all in your pen-dant

You ain't livin' rapper you never have been

You a has-been a gas station attendant

Your man is a turkey you with' a liar

I'm clearin' the air I'm a humidifier

I'm spittin' fire

And gettin' flyer

And what you plannin' for this summer I did it prior

I've shattered shows

And tattered clothes

Met status quos

This is the south and I am present when it matters most

The startin's hot but pay attention to my latter flows

Givin' brain ain't bad girl don't be that opposed

I flatter hoes

And drink Dom

They always ask me "Is that a rose? "

You mean rosé?

Why yes it is

I stopped trying years ago this is effortless

I'm in your house got the key to your home

I am Jeopardy asked Wikipedia known

I am A.A. driven and Expedia flown

So stop jackin' my style

Your in need of ya own, man

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