DRAKE - Call On Me

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I know they keep askin' fav's upon me

She's not sure at all, she's not

If I want a woman who can be so true

I thought of how to say this,

But she's not here right now

Spendin' all my days on the inside of

Forgettin' who I was on the outside of

You don't need to switch another program right now

Tryna put the power in my own hands right now

I'm about to ride through the old hood right now

See, I got too much pride for my own hood right now

Waitin' on you to give in to me, love

So I can fall through, like old times, lets turn it up

I'm tired but I invited myself home

Those nights when you need someone else to hold on

But you can be the one to take control

When I get to you, already know

Call on me x14

Cause I'll always be there for you

Call on me

You can call on me x7

As long as I'm around you can call on me x2a

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