DRAKE - A Milli Freestyle

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I'm really the heir to the fortune of a million

Heir talkin money with me's really unfair

At the border like I swear

I have nothin to declare

I am nothin like these otha niggas comin out this year

Even if ya never met me you could tell I'm on that same shit

Loyal as a muh fucka nobody be sayin shit

Dope boys know me cause I often speak they language

So well spoken man I shoulda went to cambridge

Y o u n g hoe

Women they can be so

Motivated by money that's why they be on me fo

That's yo favorite rapper homie gauranteed that he know

If he is the one I'm the zero

Please comprehend I am a surf club general

I'm mista consistant I have never come in intervals

Ya'll don't wanna be caught in the middle like a centerfold

I'm commitin suicide if were ever identical

Click clack pow how you like a nigga now

He control of my domain they can do what I allow

And I know toronto miss me I'm a be home in a minute

That's my city and I run it you just run around in it

You see me out in person and say I ain't heard you sing yet

The world is my play ground don't fuck with my swing set

We get the picture and that's when they gets the pile in

I'm callin yo bluff don't act like you can't see me dialin

I'm in low cut louis with hard leather jeans and a bage jacket

Hands down the best in my age bracket holla back

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