Drake Chisholm

Drake Chisholm - Jedi Knight

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(Prod. Lewis Cullen)


Man, I'm so slept on

No tempurpedic, but that's why I gotta dream it

Gotta vision how they see it

Now they wanna ride, they used to hate, but it ain't gon' slide

I put this rapping on my life, I put this rapping on my life, man

I came in with my dawgs, no pedals

Don't care what them hoes say, no quavo

You say you really out here, but ye ain't even _____(?)

And I ain't talkin' bout Robert when I say I need dinero

Man, I'm talking bout that paper

I'm smoking all these tracks, I'm the rap game Don Drapper

I'm feeling just like Kobe, yeah hanging with the Lakers

And I told them come and test me

But I ain't see no takers

Damn, hmm yeah, the force is trauma, this one

Can't wait till the day I look at my cars I say 'which one?'

Shan't take a day, but I can't even wait, tho'

Gotta another make the day, now pave the way

When I come back, homie, what they have to say, what they have to say?

Damn, all I hear is crickets

I'm at the show and yo girl gave me yo digits, man

Can you blame her? Like Germain, I once saved her


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