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Down aka Kilo - Definition Of An Ese

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(feat. Diamonique)


Ah yeah

Everybody be calling us eses

What is an ese?

Do you know what an ese is?

Well, lay back

I'm about to let you know

I'm a take you on a lil' ride

Yo, check this out

This is the definition of a real ese

[Chorus: Diamonique]

Started in the west, somos Mexicanos

Everywhere you go, you gon' see Chicanos

Ball-headed, sleep, then ride in the lo-lo's

Ballin' so slow, gettin' down like the volos

An ese


If you didn't know, now you know

The definition of an ese


What is it, what is it

What is it, what is it

[Verse 1:]

The definition of an ese

Straight up cholo

Mexican hoods

Ballin' in the low-low

The definition of an ese

Creased-up Khakis

Nike Cortez's and white-tees

A ese

Tu sabes, a ball-headed loco

Hard as steel, growing up in the barrio

Got chrome D's in my

My sies-quarto

Now they're lowriding everywhere like a vato

The boulevard full of bad mamacitas

Probably got a oldie jam, playing out the speakers

He's a gangsta

An Aztec warrior

Brown and proud, always hold it down for his culture

Raza, homey

Aztlan represento

Hablando Spanglish

Escucha mi lingo

It all started en la costa oeste

And that's the definition of a real ese


[Verse 2:]

Got the O.G. Pachuco with the gangsta twist

Got the Ben Davis suit with the creases crisp

An ese

Don Juan with the ladies

Lay 'em in the cama til dawn, making babies

He gotta hustle for the cash, gotta feed familia

Mess around where the stash, she'll be quick to deal ya

An ese


Puro Chicano

With stripes like a veteran

Sleeve down, tattoos tell his life story

Tag a set on the wall, that's his only glory

Cause mama prays to the Virgin Mary

She's worried

Because he's down to do anything necessary

Got enemies all around him

Plus the jura

Hasta la vista

A trip to la pinta

Known around the world as the hardest of gente

And now you know the definition of an ese




And there you have it

Coming to you from the brown superhero

Write that one down in the dictionary, homie

Cause that right there

Was the definition of a ese

Straight up

Down, homie

A.K.A. Kilo

Straight up, straight down, brown, proud




"Fi-fi-Fingazz on the track..."

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