DOUGIE D - U Can Say

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You can say, whatever it is you wanna say

I'ma keep this shit popping, for my change

I ain't never stopping, for nothing mayn

You can hate, I ain't never gonna go bend or break

Cause I got, money to make

I got, money to make

[Dougie D]

When I wake up in the morning, my mind is all on my money

I got attention deficiency, if it don't pertain to it

I'm a grown ass man, working my jelly for my bread

Pimping my hustles daily, just to keep my baby fed

It's a lot of niggaz talking, and people they underrate me

Only thing that I gotta say, is keep watching me baby

Niggaz knock try to scheme and plot, and take me off my note

Since I'm peeping what they doing to me, it's gonna be on

But the joke's on you, you ignorant damn fool

I'm a man of many hustles, just like that boy Charlie do

If the conversation bout money, then fuck it Dougie with it

Just as long as it don't the system, then rob it jack it steal it

I'm a hustler by nature, if I want it I grind and get it

Niggaz can't tell me shit, about this gangsta life I'm living

Cause it's mo' money money mo', money money mo'

That's the mentality that I got, when I walk out my do' and nigga


[Dougie D]

Now everyday I'm living, it's like an obstacle course

Mashing hard for my feddy, cause being broke ain't my choice

If it's money in the streets to get it, I'ma go and get it

All that bullshit you talking bitch, Dougie D ain't with it

Keep my feet, planted on the pavement

24/7 3-65, I'm getting hated

But nevertheless see bitch niggaz, ain't never gon fade me

I got too much hustle up in it, just to let em break me

And that's the way it is, and that's the way that it go

I gotta stay on top of my money, and that's all I know

If making my money is a crime, then fuck it come get me

We ain't even gotta go through the trials, just give me my sentence

Cause the only thing up on my mind, is the dolla dolla

Keep my money coming in in bundles, and then come the power

All that other bullshit, stress and fame I really don't need

Only thing I need to see, is my motherfucking green


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