Dottie Rambo

Dottie Rambo - Build My Mansion

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(Just) build my mansion next door to Jesus

And tell the angels I'm coming home

It doesn't matter who lives around me

Just so my mansion sets near the throne

I have no castles no earthly kingdom

But my cabin will do 'til I get home

My mansion's yonder on the hills of glory

Oh I hope my mansion sets near God's throne

It seems like it's been a long time ago and yet just yesterday

That Mom and Dad sat me down and told me about Jesus

They said Son, there 's a land and it's called Heaven

I'll never forget that day I'm saved because of it

My mama’s mansion may be close by me,

Or across the golden avenue.

She was the first one to ever tell me of Heaven,

And the very first one, Lord, to ever tell me of You.

also there is a wording problem in the third paragraph: "a long time ago and get just yesterday..." the get sounds wrong.

I think that is should go like this: "Its been a long time ago and but it seems like just yesterday..."

Thanks to Rich Dilling for these lyrics

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Thursday 13th of August 2020 20:50
How about just changing the 'get' to 'yet'?