Donnie McClurkin

Donnie McClurkin - All We Ask

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Hear our earnest prayer O Lord,

Hear our humble cry

Precious loving caring lord

On whom we rely

Ever loving, ever living God

Of whom no one can compare

All we ask is that you hear our prayer

Give us strength most Holy Lord

Strength to meet this day

Lead us by your Holy Word

Guide us in your way

For life is filled with winding turns

We have often lost our way

All we ask is that you lead today

Give us love that's true O Lord

Trusting as a child

Love for all we see O Lord

Pure and undefiled

But to heal the heart and not turn away

Anyone who is in need

All we ask is teach us love indeed

Take me home with you my lord

When my life is through

Take me home with peace my lord

Let me rest with you

When I've fought the fight

And I've kept the faith

And my race on earth is won

All I ask is that you say well done

Lord please let me hear you say well done

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