DONDRIA - Why You Hurting Me

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At first I thought that u were just bein a man

Everything was fine

And I just knew you'd b my life long friend

Every time u went out u would never hesitate to check in

And I never hada wonder what time u was comin in

But-but then, you-you began

To slowly but surely change

Our Relationship rearranged

Started comin up with all these alibis

And now I need sum answers

Can u tell me y

Y u hurtin me

Baby Y u hurtin me

I been here rite here by your side

But this isn't fair to me

What did I do to u please help me understand

My heart is breakin

Y won't u just be a man

Y u hurtin me

Baby y u hurtin me

I put up with all your lies

About where u said you'd b

Please baby I deserve better

But I can't leave u

I just want u to be a man

And tell me tha truth

So I started bringin up tha fact

That u wouldn't call me

When u knew that u would not be home

When u said u would be

Or betta yet

Every time u said u were at your boys house

I tried not to cry when I heard

Jasmine in tha background

E-ven then, You-you acted

Like you were doin nuthin wrong

We were doin' this 4 a long time

And u have yet 2 tell me y u lied

Y do u hurt me baby

And why do u make me cry

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