DONDRIA - Where Did We Go Wrong

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Is it something I did, or is it something I said.

Is it something you heard, is it something that I'm missing.

Tell me what's going on, baby where did we go wrong.

Tell me what's up, baby don't give up; can you just hear my song

<i>[Verse 1:]</i>

It's been a minute since you told me that you loved me

You used to stay home every night, but now you're in the streets

I'm hearing rumors bout you creepin with some chick named Destiny (I can tell you how it feels to be lonely now)

I'm so fed up with all your lies and you deceivin me.

You act like you don't even remember how we used to be

Like we never existed, like you don't even miss it

What did I do to make you treat me this way

<i>[Chorus x2]</i>

<i>[Verse 2:]</i>

You used to buy me things to see the smile on my face

But lately you've only done things to make my smile erase

Always fussin & fightin

You don't care when I'm cryin

And I don't know why we took this turn for the worse.

Baby let me know something, cause I don't understand

I love you and I'm willing to fix this any way I can

But you gotta tell me what's goin on

Why do you treat me this way, I wanna know where I went wrong

<i>[Chorus x2]</i>

<i>[Bridge: x2]</i>

Somethin' ain't right, there's no use in denyin

I just don't know why we always fussin & fightin

Baby what is wrong, it feels as though I'm dyin inside

Without you by my side, baby I'm crying

<i>[Chorus x2]</i>

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