Donald Lawrence And The Tri-City Singers

Donald Lawrence And The Tri-City Singers - I Am God lyrics

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I am God, all by myself

I don't need any help

I can handle things on my own

I am the first and the last

Whatever you need just ask

For I am, I am, I am God

Verse (Soloist portion) (Repeats 11 times when repeating the end of verse the 2nd time)

I was there in the beginning

And I'll be there

When you get to the end

I'm all seeing

All knowing

Almighty, ever showing

For I am, I am, I am God

All of my promises are yea; I am God (Soloist trails with "my promises are yea")


I'm gonna do, gonna do, gonna do everything that I say I'm gonna do

Choir (repeats "all of my promises are yea; I am God)

Soloist says "I was there for Daniel; hold silence through changing darkness and I'll be there for you"

I am the first (Alpha and Omega) the last (Beginning and the ending, whatever; whatever you need, all you gotta do is ask for....)

I am (repeats 9 times) Soloist and Choir (choir trailing soloist)

Jehovah Jireh (Choir repeats "I AM")

Your Provider

Jehovah Nissi

I'll fight your battles

Jehovah Shalom

I'll give you peace

Jehovah Rophe

I'll heal indeed

Choir: Just stand still and that I am, then back repeating "I AM"

Soloist: A no mountains to high, no valley to low, no river to wide, wherever you go

Choir: Just stand ......

Soloist: the God of Jacob, the God Issac, the God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abendego

S: I AM, I AM, whatever you want, I'm whatever you need, I got what you need

Song fades as soloist continues to ad lib about God and choir continues to repeat "I AM"

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