Don Moen

Don Moen - Hallelujah To The Lamb

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Lord I stand in the midst of a multitude <br />

Of those from every tribe and tongue <br />

We are Your people redeemed by Your blood <br />

Rescued from death by Your love <br />

There are no words <br />

Good enough to thank You <br />

There are no words to express my praise <br />

But I will lift up my voice <br />

And sing from my heart <br />

With all of my strength <br />

<br />

Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah <br />

To the Lamb <br />

Hallelujah hallelujah <br />

By the blood of Christ we stand <br />

Every tongue every tribe <br />

Every people every land <br />

Giving glory giving honor <br />

Giving praise unto the Lamb of God <br />

<br />

Lord we stand by grace in Your presence <br />

Cleansed by the blood of the Lamb <br />

We are Your children called by Your name <br />

Humbly we bow and we pray <br />

<br />

Release Your power <br />

To work in us and through us <br />

Till we are changed <br />

To be more like You <br />

<br />

Then all the nations will see <br />

Your glory revealed <br />

And worship You <br />

<br />

Every knee shall bow <br />

Every tongue confess <br />

That You are Lord of all <br />

<br />

Giving praise unto the Lamb of God <br />

Giving praise unto the Lamb of God <br />

Jesus Christ Lamb of God</

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