DOM PACHINO - Time's Calling

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(feat. Chi Chi)

[Intro: P.R. Terrorist]

Yeah... it's about my muthafuckin' time, son, word up

Niggaz gonna have to give me mines... pay up!

[P.R. Terrorist]

Yo, time's calling for a new king, a new bassline, a new string

A new drumkit, new verse spit from a new spic

A new hook, a new rap page, from a new book

A new crook, a new image to overlook

Critize, look deep into my eyes, you'd be shook

When the beef cook, in the various flames, I call names

Not to get a name, but to address it, from where it came

You'd be ashamed, drew a road and the express train to fame

When I bust, I'm hittin' the target I'm aimin' at

You went for broke, and gats your bought with spare change, from laundry mats

You ain't get that? Press rewind, play it back

Call your man on your jack, be sure to tell him, that I'm back

With somethin' new, that you could bop too, chop your rocks too

When you playin' the block, duck the cops

Who drink Vodka, Henny, Remy and Scotch and say 'fuck you'

[Chorus: Chi Chi]

Your time is calling, oh

Your time is calling, yeah

I feel, I feel your pain, yeah..

Oh... I... I feel your pain, babe

Ohh, ohh, your time, your time, is calling

Your time, oooh, boy, ahahaha

Your pain, I feel your pain, oh

[P.R. Terrorist]

Yo, my time's calling, sometimes I feel like I'm fallin'

In a dark hole, losin' control, feelin' old

While I'm still type young, razor blade under my tongue

Weed smoke in my lungs, Hen' rock had me strung

Offa thug life, til I realized I had one life

Mami made me beans and rice, with the pollo caliente

The block, the Rock is hard boiled

Buried in the dirt, but raised in Shaolin soil

Hold out your hand but I got nothing for you

You all and around, when the milk's start to spoil

Grams wrapped in foil, cowboys with lases, they lookin' for you

I can't eat a good bite, can't sleep a good night

Only hotel and fast food restaurants, til I get my shit right

My time's calling

[Chorus to end w/ variations]

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