DOM PACHINO - Pete Rock/Marley Marl Freestyle

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Yeah, airwaves, airwaves, yo

Killarmy shh... yo (it's Rocky)

Pete Rock... what's the deal? (One-two, one-two)

Marley Marl... (live and direct

Straight from Shaolin, what up New York?

Word up, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Aiyo, I'm wise like a blind man, playin' piano

Jellyin' across the Verazanno bustin' at Sopranos

White boys with attitudes like Rocky Marciano

Got a fire arm like Dan Marino

We serve John Wayne in El Dorado

Go to war like Al Pacino, Or Robert De Niro Casino

The ghetto is pitch dark

For the street's of messenger, like the story of Joan of Arc

First spark, with Stapleton park

Gladiators and DMD, before that was the Paris Crew Squad

I used to sit up on the benches

State of mind, third eye dimension lynchin'

Killarm' comrades like henchmen

Street doctor leave you paralyzed in St. Vincent's

End the session with the weapon

Madman, reach for the sky and snatch the Moon out the Heavens

Yeah, Killarm' (Killa Sin) Killarm' (Killa Sin)

{Word up, underground, what? } Killarm' Killarm' (Killa Sin)

Yo, fuck playing with it

Nigga, I spit it, I say it, I live it

For the critics, nothing but did-ick

You haters, forget it

I'm made for this, raise the blades with the fitted

Razor scriptues, scrape your debut

Make your label dismiss it, now bang to this shit

If your game ain't official, then just' it

Same thing for them lames that came with you

I hope they bang pistols

That's for the game, it's officially over for the fiscal

Take a toast, to my niggas with aim, cause they won't miss you

They won't miss you, yo, Killarm's official

2001-2002, youknowhatimsayin, we throwing grenades

Splashin' ya'll off these years, son

Word up, (exclusively, exclusive

Pete Rock & Marley Marl) Killarm'

Pete Rock & Marley Marl (straight from Staten Island)

One love...

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