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Okay, from here on, nothing goes down unless I'm involved

No blackjack, no dope deals, no nothing

A nickel bag gets sold in the park, I want in

You think you're gonna live long enough

To spend that money, you fucking hump

Pumping rocks on the block like all day

Niggas playing ball, shooting round of Spalding

Plans of being king off codeine, morphine

Cocaine, a wrong for dope fiends, life of a hood kid

Ain't bright, unless there's more green

More weed, means more steam, yea they touch in school

That drugs ain't cool, but it's survival

Don't hold me, accountable, reliable

For those who get killed in the process of this nonsense

Cause it was by choice, like when Eve seen the apple and bit it

He seen the crack pipe and hit it

Right after he lit it, he said that's the shitted

I'm not proud of myself nor the government

They put this shit here, so the poor man discovered it

A weak mine's fell in love with it

That's when the undercovers hit

They want us all in jail, atleast minorities

Black and latinos, that's living in poverty

And in the urban areas, we the majority

And students study us in schools like Harvard, g

I'm king of New York, the soniority

Slugs whisper, twist your vital arteries

Making music since I was 9, cause it's a part of me

Multi million dollar deals, sorta like the lottery

Like the lottery, like the lottery

I'm bout to it

K for the Killa in me, I for Intelligent

N for Napalm, and the God bout to settle this

Staten Island delegate, what you buying, I'm selling it

Step out of line, the nine split your melon quick

I put the new tax bracket, mills in the vault stacking

Drugs to rapping, quit acting like it can't happen

I bare witness, to the sickest individuals

Accumilate riches, and rep Staten, bitches

This ain't a fairy tale, if so, I know it very well

The seven dwarfs be my cartell selling that snow white, all night

On park benches, in broad daylight

Until midnight, til it's all gone

That's when I collect, I have a meet with the Don

At the round table, delegating, location Napalm label

Tune in, your boy is on cable

Often flossing, I was abandoned like abortions

You'd rather see me in a coffin, cause of extortion

Then I'm a rider, like the Four Horsemen, just in a Porsche, man

See me, approach me, extreme caution, and scream king

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