DOM PACHINO - Can't Find It

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"That's when I've got to understand... "

Monopolize, tropical guy who rock it right

Keep his pockets tight, filled with the dead pres, the weed res'

On my point of fingers, successful, but not a normal nigga

Expressful, I have to warn a nigga, I bomb a nigga

I make the waters splash, when my ships come in

He deserve to pass, my guns talking like we need a blast

Once they get it, yeah, we need it bad, I have to talk to him

Like, but only if we need that, the gemini mind is extra feedback

Leave that alone before the heat at your dome, I don't get paid for this shit

Nigga, only my poems, don't have to make me have to run up in homes

I'm not young no more, the next question

Is you still hardcore, forever, just alot smarter

And a hell of a lot better, and a hell of a lot more cheddar

Let's get this shit together, I rock it in any weather

I ride on all terrain, it don't take rocket science to figure out, man

My shit is off the chain, I 'bring the pain' like Method in his old days

I'm riding with road rage with a "smile on your face"

Remarkable, look at me I'm shining, look at me, I'm shining

Look at me, I'm shining, "living in disgrace"

Look at me grinding, look at me shining

They been searching for a style like mine, but can't find it

Nah, they can't find it, nah they can't find it

Searching for a style like mine, but can't find it

Nah, they can't find it, nah they can't find it

Nah, they can't find it

Smile on my face, nine on my waist

You feel this heat in the place, when Dom P's in your space

Atmosphere, stratosphere, hemisphere, dear

Kicking it rapping, what's cracking, crack a beer

Keeping it stacking, oh, he's a racqueteer

Just an investor, making the investment of the year

Like my freshments in your ear, they been looking for a style like mine

But hard to come by, they tried to say to this one guy

My son fry was close, but not cigario

I laced none of the niggas that we know, the masses, the people

The shit's like trash, man, and ours is the lethal

The first to get served, man, and they are the sequel

In other words, I'm saying, these niggas is not equal

I supply the street music, at the same time, I slip a jewel in it

Like a slug in a clip that's tight, but it fitted

There's no limit, to my existance

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