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Doley Bernays - Raise Your Weapon lyrics

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Okay, I’m starting

I hope you love me baby

I hope by now you can understand

Why I’m fucking crazy

Nigga don’t learn, a nigga won’t grow

And hit a wrong turn, that nigga won’t know

That a nigga don’t earn, a nigga going broke

That’s my city, no pity, no joke

The feds wanna know if you really got coke

Selling blue dreams when you really got smoke

Sour 2 fiends do you really got dope and

Mama hoping that a nigga change

Girlfriend love me but she know I got game

Can’t let go without going insane

Pile of it too, but I’m doing my thang

And the drugs and the money, matter real my friends

Flow kinda so done grew up my fame

Bars too high, doing enough things

Pro to pro, shooting my name

Stupid bees blood that game

Mama I’ma be a rapper, she said just don’t rush that shit

Grandma I’m in love with money, she said just don’t trust that bitch

I love my bitch, I hate my hoe

Love my bar, they raise my flow

They talk my …to make my dough

You from my hood, I relate, I know

But escape I will, so away I go

In this cold war, raise your weapon,

Raise your weapon, raise your weapon

Raise your weapon, raise your weapon

In this cold war

Keep an eye out in the day time blessing

Till I’ll have a kid, I’ma raise my weapon

Raise my pen to the pad, I could raise my blessin

And erase my stressing, why I make my exit

But I ain’t going no time soon

I already told you a nigga don’t quit

Already dead is the way that I live

So you already know I ain’t afraid of no shit

I ain’t no blood, I ain’t no creep

Nigga I ride for my city and I die for my hood,

And my niggas they know, royalty is in my blood as it flows

Even from… cause these niggas was broke

But happy to be where I be

Strong and surviving, I know how to eat

Asking me why I be fuck with the street

Cause top nigga run I make sometimes peace

Up in the rap like we reaching out peak

Brushing our white like we brushing our teeth

Having relief while we rolling out weed

So when we inhale, the stress we relieve

Send a nigga get stabbed with his own knife

Another dude got stripped not the pole time

Another dude crawling no life, for his whole life

Took a shot of the henny, then he took his own life

Pow, one to the face, too deep in the trap, he wants to escape

In this cold war, raise your weapon,

Raise your weapon, raise your weapon

Raise your weapon, raise your weapon

In this cold war, how does it feel now

I’m not a star, but I’m almost famous

Catch me twisting up my fingers

With a hot bitch and a couple cold gangsters

When I’m flows deep as the anchors

Accountants counting like bankers

Them blocks wearing no tinkers

You get lay flat like these plankers

I go way back, I mean deep back

I mean ot with these g packs

…I’m the boy from the bottom where the shit move slow

Good die young so the kids don’t grow

But the hood I’m from, the click I know

Taught me get money, get rich I know

Spit pyro, that flame shit

But bitch I’m almost famous

And I been watching gang land, my rose be on that same shit

I see I said who I see I said

Got the whole rap game under me I said

More money problems like bia said

But they still don’t know me like t I said

Like martin luther I dream,

Like Malcolm x I’m gonna fight

I’m hughey pete on my team

I’m lingston huvon I write

See I’m trippy off of that bean

That kush all on my sight

And I double cup on that lean

I got pink Friday all on my sprite.

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