DMX - How's It Goin' Down

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F/ faith evans<br><br>Phone rings<br><br>Guy: whose dick you sucking? <br>Girl: don't call me with that bullshit, alright<br>Guy: you lying, you lying to me, di<br>Girl: yeah exactly<br>Guy: whose dick you sucking? c'mon di, I just heard some shit about<br>You, some foul shit. the fuck is the deal? <br>Girl: suck my fucking dick you bitchass nigga! I don't<br>Guy: no you explain it to me bitch. you know what I'm talking about.<br>Girl: I don't know nobody up here! I don't fuck with nobody up here and<br>I ain't been fucking with nobody up here! I don't know nobody in<br>Fucking yonkers!<br>Guy: lying ass bitch. you ain't shit. do I got to hollar his name too? <br>Girl: who the fuck is he!? <br>Guy: bitch you fuckin up!<br><br>Hangs up<br><br>Chorus:<br><br>All I want is you, all I want (background)<br><br>What type of games is being played, how's it going down? <br>If it's on till it's gone, then I gots to know now<br>Is you wit me or what, they gon try to give me a nutt<br>Just honeys wanna give me the butt, wha..<br><br>I'm politicking with this trick and wondering if i'ma creep her<br>Little hoodrat bitch from 25th named tenika<br>Coming through, like I do, you know<br>Getting my bark on<br>Knew she was a thug because when I met her she had a scarf on<br>5411, size 7 in girls<br>Babyface, would look like she was 11 with curls<br>Girlfriend, remember me, (what? ), from way back, I'm the same cat<br>With the wave cap- the motherfucker that tnt used to blaze at<br>Still here so it's all good<br>Oh you know my niggas rich and them doing they thing on 35th ave<br>It's a small hood, and it's all wood, so let me get that number<br>Hook it up, aight<br>Hit you on da track later on, say wassup<br>Talking to shorty made me wanna do something nice<br>Looking at that ass made me wanna do something tonight<br>And I know right when I see right, shorty looking like she tight<br>She bite, better give a nigga the green light, we might..<br><br>Chorus - 2x<br><br>I'm getting at shorty like what you need, what you want<br>Offer nothing, cuz I got you, must you front? <br>I see you with your baby father but it don't matter<br>You gave me the pussy, that ass is getting fatter<br>Let that nigga play daddy, make moves with me<br>I'da kept it more than real boo, can't lose with me<br>Heard he smacked you 'cuz you said my name while y'all was sexin'<br>Ran up on this cat, thought was me, and started flexin'<br>You know I ain't even with that<br>So he gon' have to get that just on tv<br>Try to creep me, what? leave that nigga sleepy<br>On the strength of you, that's your kid's daddy<br>I ain't gon' send him on his way, put him up in that big caddy<br>But let him know<br>Never mind yo, I need you to go<br>Take this snow up to 150, see joe<br>Get that, come back with that<br>We can split that, sit back<br>Fuck, puff a l, forget that<br>You wit dat? <br><br>Chorus - 2x<br><br>Aiyyo this chicken got me digging her moves, 'cuz she smooth<br>Wanna lose, whoever she choose, it's the dues<br>Respect is not expected but it's given 'cuz it's real<br>Being neglected and all, expect it, the deal<br>Lie, cheat, and steal for me<br>Putting something in a nigga's wig if you squeal for me<br>Kill for me, you still with me<br>'cuz we get down like what<br>Told you from the start, it ain't all about a nutt<br>I'm gon' be fair, try to be there<br>We gon' see then, hit me with the question boo<br>That answer gon' be yeah<br>See there, something can go wrong, it does<br>Love'd it, let it go<br>But it came back, that's how strong it was<br>But you belonged to cuz, couldn't belong to me<br>You had two kids by this nigga, it was wrong for me<br>But we gon' always be, best of friends<br>Haha<br>Mad love, boo, to the end<br>Haha<br><br>Chorus to fade

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