Djinee - Ego lyrics

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If i die now,I go happy say,<br />

Say when I dey this world,I don fall in love,<br />

Which one u dey e<br />

Wey u dey treat me so,<br />

I don beg,I don do everything<br />

But u tell me say u need time and<br />

U no fit dey wit me<br />

Na so i vow,<br />

Anyway I dey go,Ewo!<br />

<br />

<br />

CHORUS<br />

If u help me see Ego,<br />

make u tell am i don go,<br />

She no look me and so,<br />

don pack my load go Ewo!<br />

(2xe)<br />

<br />

No be say I no show how I feel,<br />

No be say I no ever show you say I dey real,<br />

Everybody don know say I fit do anything for you,<br />

I go die for you,<br />

Everybody dey laff me cos dem know u be my life,<br />

I don say I go marry,<br />

cos in u I see my wife,<br />

Baby oh!<br />

I go take am 4 bus,<br />

I go take am 4 train,<br />

For this place I no fit stay eh!Ewo!<br />

<br />

Chorus(2xe)<br />

<br />

I know say u dey hear my voice,<br />

cos this song na im i write for you,<br />

I dey go find one place where i go hide my head,<br />

cos i wan start my whole life anew,<br />

<br />

Chorus<br />

<br />

She don leave me and so so,<br />

Eh Eh Eh Ewo!<br />

Ego Ego Ewo! (see ego tell am i don go)<br />

Why u do me so<br />

Why u do me like this oh!<br />

I dey beg,I dey beg,I dey pack my load go<br />

Oh Oh!<br />

<br />

<br />

If i die now I go happy say,<br />

Say when i dey this world I don fall in love

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