DJ VADIM - Ghetto Rebels lyrics

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(feat. Phi-Life Cypher)


I'm vexed and perplexed like Malcolm X

On stage with chains around their necks

From the thread of the governments evil flex

I'm taking steps against the kind of lies they try to bring me

As a ? soldier with ?

Daily papers they're just propaganda scriptures from the government

It's not the daily news, it's the daily satanical supplement

Cause they don't deal with holy testaments just war and pestilence

Can I get a witness I don't need one in fact there's too much evidence

Spying on the people lying evil little devils

They're recruiting demon soldiers while they execute our rebels

CCTV cameras set up on no man's borders

They're not for law and order, they're Lucifer's camcorders

Politicians they're not concord borders they're using flying saucers

Decide to take to the sky or travel underwater

Chameleon type reptilians moving they're tongues like geckos

And they're trying to turn our ghettos into oversized death rows

You want heroin there's tons of that, guns and crack

But who's got the funds and cash the same people who supply guns to Iraq

They're pimping the public like rent boys prostitutes and hookers

Bringing strain to the brain as you remain in this giant pressure cooker

Behind your back trying to took your promise the world and overlook us

Spreading the evil love of Beelzebub, these human race butchers

Mankind destroyers, life I'm chasing those freemasons

Chasing 'em back to the place of birth to reverse all of their creations

Scientists give us fabrication of mathematical equations

But the square root of my truth will cause the devil devastation


Well listen I'm more than vexed

I live in a time where I can't afford to flex

The police are stopping and searching just like some illegal border checks

You better beware we're living inside of lucifers era

My cypher's been scientifically sent back in time to prepare ya

So start stoning the Babylonians to show you're controlling then

Cause this Babylon been fuelling my anger just like petroleum

I'm scolding them with the hard rhymes from a scarred mind

From living amongst the hard times

Where people just working through all of the serpentine

The devils disciple that stifle our plans for freedom

If wee keep conforming to all these laws set by the demons

They're thinking they're intellects

By plugging the whole world with the internet

If they thinking they got me they're information be incorrect

I'm using my third eye to guide I through the wilderness

Cause the system in Babylon's bad and there's enough people that's skilled in this

I'm vexed with the devils descendents with paganist pendants

For having the lack of faith and a disregard for repentance

My lyrical sentence is longer than people that's charged for child sex

Cause all the disordered leaders are into having a wild flex

I'm vexed with the government sects for giving this minimum wage

And working this nine 'til five bringing heat to my simmering rage

I spit this lyrical wisdom to charge down the Babylon systems

The rebellious Rastafarian that's flinging his fist to the system


Listen Atti if the devil tries to take Selassie

Put some ? you lose more blood than the face of Arturo Gati

I'm a raw rhyming anti smoking idol keeping it tribal

While reading pages of the bible to gain vision as a disciple

Studying at rasta night school while using my tongue as a rifle

Sniping you worse than the bible cause life I'm all about survival

I spitting my violent recitals so bright that they melt your eyeballs

Turning the Anti-Christ suicidal wrestle the devil like Shawn Michaels

The clash of the titans will over crush the devil and take his title

Phi-Life will remain his messengers cause a rasta revival

No time to idle the rastas are rising black we come to wipe out crack

Paint the Whitehouse black and speak real fast to the children

Expose our government foes who know the truth will never be told

They teach the people the root of all evil while they're stashing all of the gold

Attacking their souls and spirits until your life is finished

Phi-Life I spit the righteous lyrics

Chained the minds of the cynics held the blind endemic

Cause when I talk my vocal is blessed with holy powers

Making the devils cower while shaking the foundations of the Babylon tower

I terminate them like T2 when I spit my scriptures in Hebrew

A politicians not an honest man like a hologram he be see-through

Trying to deceive you lead you up the path so that they can feed you

Phi-Life I'm a friend of races representing the rasta nation

So when we flex on a rhythm we draw on the powers of the law of exorcism

Inject the rhythm of the holy serum purify all the fat cats

Who experiment on innocent lives of people like they were monkeys or lab rats


My ? sound tear the transponders out of your pounds

And explode Babylon satellites that scanning down to the ground

With the type of coast to reveal we're living under a microscope

My cipher be strangling Babylonians with the tightest rope

I'm fringing the violence you can fuck with living with silence

Cause before long they be forcing us into buying a breathing licence

I'm dissing authority with my forces of purity

I piss in the parliament and I fart on the face of conformity

I never fill in the government census they cunningly sent us

It's asking me information like what I ate for my breakfast

Cause we the Messiah that's bringing more fire to the empire

With the type of tribal recitals that's setting Satan on fire

We're culling the paganist shaman the Phi-Life Cypher will slay them

Reveal the seventh seal to start the freemason complaining

With positive action infiltrates into paganist factions

I smashing your playstation and all these tools of distraction

With adequate satisfaction I smashing Babylon's walls

To stop all the gat cat bureaucrats from giving it all

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