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Dj Sancho - Impossible

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You know..

This is so hard for me to do

But just thinking about you hurts me inside

You were so special to me baby

But i gotta tell you...

[Verse 1]

Sometimes at night when im lying in my bed

I can feel the warmth of you body but its just in my head

Im not thinking about the arguments

But what was unsaid

Now that your gone babygirl

My life is so dead

So many things are happenin

That you couldnt even imagin

And i have no body to turn to because of what happened

Its an emptyness that Im trying to over come

And the more i think about it the less i get done

I regret not letting you know how i truely felt

I wish i just had one more chance..

To tell you how i fell

In love with you after that first date

How i realized that you were my soul mate


No Matter what i do

No Matter where i go

It seems impossible to find

Anybody else to take your place

Cause your my spanish fly

[Verse 2:]

I was driving in town when i came across that spot

We always used to go everytime that we fought

I found myself sitting down right in front of that tree

Where we would always lay down..just you and me

Ive been avoiding this place for such a long time

Because it just brings back the memories of you being mine

And its not that i want to forget about you being in my life

It just feels like my heart is being stabbed by a knife

A year goes by and I never thanked the man up above

For the angel he sent me

Who introduced me to love

Mi Princesista spanish fly

If you were right here

I would tell you i love you

With a wispher in your ear


[Verse 3:]

My Spanish fly youll always be in my eyes

You had my heart from the start

And had me feeling paralized

The love ive felt i can never explain

And now that love is gone

And im trying to maintain

Thoughts of you running through my head On the daily

The kind to buzz me out

And it gots me going crazyy

A part of me is missing because you make me whole

To find another love like you is impossible


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