Dj Sancho

Dj Sancho - Baby Girl

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You know there's sumthing im missing

That 1 thing, I just need you to tell me 1 thing


I know you got alot of things on yoUR mind

But lets just figure this out and spend some time

Im thinking about whats really holding you back from tellin me all the facts

Cause I need to know just tell me that

Just pick up the phone

Call me girl thats all i need for you to tell me how you feel so we can succeed

to the better things in life instead of playing all these games

Acting like we don't care even though we feel the same

We can go to the park

Lay on the grass have a good time while i make you laugh

Caress your body from head to toe

Take you home and don't you know

I know we've only been together for a little while

You havn't told me that you love me but i can tell by your smile


I know you wanna tell me that you love me baby girl

So just come into my world

Cause your the prettiest girl of all times

And you don't know how i feel baby girl

[repeat chorus]

The other day i helped you get through the night

And when i answered the phone all i could hear was ur cry

I asked you what was wrong

And you told me it was your ex

And he was just confusing you and making things more complex

He told you that he loves you cares for you misses you and wants you back

And i asked you what you said

And you said u weren't having that

Because you were falling in love with another guy

Then i stopped you there and a little confused and asked you why?

that you said that cause you had never mentioned anything to me

About love and how you felt and to what degree

I know i love you and you know you love me

So just tell me how you really feel and come with me

[repeat chorus]

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