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DJ Mazinger - U Gotta Groove (Triple Mazin Dub) lyrics

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<b>U Gotta Groove (Triple Mazin Dub)</b> by <i>DJ Mazinger</i><br />

24-7 I'm a hip 2 da game

Try to get the deal so making demo tape

Life struggle but I can't make bungle

I ain't some wild kid born in a jungle

Microphone I've got right hand

The other hand got moet chanmdon champagne

I have no time 4 da faking funk sound

U know bu 4 da pound

I'm fed up with their wack

Don't know if you're going up or down

You're just like my mom and dad

When I'm happy you're making me sad

I'm tired of this mom and dad stuff

Face it kid I had enough

So listen to what we say

This stuff happens everyday

You know how to kick da flava

If you ain't wack I guess you can make paper

What you gonna get a couple years later

Lexsus Beaner Benz anythings you wanna ride

I'm your side till die

Stick wit your style

Following you more than 100 miles

Anywhere you go I'm wit you to

Don't worry I got bu by myself fool

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