DJ DRAMA & LIL WAYNE - Stilletos

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This is a dedication motherfucker

This is Gangsta Grillz you bastards

Nigga we bussin and bussin

To the banga bus

No we don't run for the olympics

But the flame's with us

I got that 'tussin

That scummy and the angel dust

So pick you high I will supply

And correct changes, what's up

We bring the bus in

We bussin, like this thang's for us

You niggas is sleeveless man

You can't hang with us

I got a bitch who speaks spanglish

She keep her bangels danglin'

In the cocaine thats right up her anus

Old Wayne is right up in the spot

Like he's supposed to

B got hova at the game

And now he coachin'

Me but I been the champion

Happy as I ever been

Lampin' in the Hamptons like

What the fuck is a hammock?

The chef up in the kitchen like

What the fuck is a sandwich?

I'm like we need to find middle ground

We need balance

Challenge me, that'd be to my advantage

I'm outstandin' like standin' outside

Up in the twister and walkin'

Not damaged

Standin' outside up in the blizzard

And walkin' hot handed

Servin' nickle bags in Iraq

Bet I will not panic

Swerve the nickle black if I wreck

Bet I will not panic

Cop another one the next day

And drive it crazier

The seat to be lazier

Shit or beat Gravy uh

Need a serifine of my girls

So then I baby her

Waving her at two crazy

Fugazez I'm too brazy

Three brazies deep

We got 380's and P80's

Nice 9's, M10's

M1's and 12 Gauges

Shell casings

Money put up for jail cases

Bail making

My momma say

Tuck your chain son

They'll take it

I hit up with one of them still faces

Like, I'll be down mama

They know who I am mama

I'm still your little boy

But to them I'm the man mama

Fuck with your boy man

Hollygrove the hood nigga

Throw it in your face

'Till you get that understood

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