DJ DRAMA & LIL WAYNE - Put On For The Game

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I am livin the game, Hittin the fades, quick cash

Blink to fast you'll be gone, no quicksand

Dis man ain't givin a fuck for no middle man, middle class

Skipped class only class I knew, was S-Benz

Now pretend you never heard of me from a can of candy yams

N I was just a boy like killa cam

But now my print over yo bitch, T-shirt

Glass skirt, research his work, iphone blackberry chirp

But it gets worse, how would you feel

Fresh of work, seein dis light-skinned jerk

After I'm all workin ya girlfriend purse

Damn ma, didn't he fuck friend ha?

Yea y? I thought dat goofy bitch was lyin

Guess not, Bet not they won't near us

Fear us, Y.M squadron

Young bloods,

Nothin above eyebrows, G.E.D forever above

Studio, many yums, I ain't fuckin with the club

While you gettin bub, I'm gettin pub

Dese songs I mean, Dese songs be mean

Got yo label warring, Cause I'm makin quality quantities

I got da holy spirit, but no father son

Now everybody know I'm shinin in da coupe, No roof while I'm shittin on em

Rollin through da eastside, Hollandwood is hittin for

I'm all about my hustle, Need my chips so I could stack it up

Gone on da pill got me rollin like a acura

Young money nigga, Yea I'm back like I left somethin

You niggas is jaw jackin, watch me sidestep son

Young nigga, Got my money runnin like Barry

Bitches want my baby cause dey heard about my salary

Make dem dog hoes lay it down like ballin g

Knock dem bitches socks loose, pass em off to Mallie G

All brown maybach, You could say I'm yoohoo'n

All my niggas red flaggin You could see we soo woo'n

Dedication 33333333

I feel like dese mothafuckas betta know we next

I will like but never love dem H-O-E-S

I fill a white tall cup full of codeine rich

I still eat a couple rappers for my protein bitch

I'm on my so mean shit, You don't know me bitch

I do it for those who done it before me bitch

My goons is gone ride even with a slow leak bitch

And then we get dem chickens, You get no piece bitch

Stunna man said kill em all, so still n all

I'm a kill em all, Murder dem pussy hoes

I'm flyer den a butterfly doin the tootsie roll

Haha, I got chips like the cookie dough

And it takes a lot of paper to book a show

You wouldn't know cause you couldn't know

I'm who they're lookin to n who they're lookin for

N numbers don't liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee

N numbers don't liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee

Yea betta hope yo math is rite

We take yo body for a sacrifice

You see that flashin light, Welcome to afterlife

I put on for dem bitches, On On for dem bitches

I put on for dem bitches, On ONNNNNNNNNNn

Put on for dem bitches, On onnnnnnnnnnnnnn


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Friday 17th of May 2013 19:48
Idont like tyga's part very much