DJ DRAMA & LIL WAYNE - Paid In Full Skit

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Yo, yo, it's like this Dunn

Uh-huh, yo

Sittin back plottin on ways

How we can get this money, we need us a payday

Dig in my pocket, it's nuttin but change

I dig deeper, but still comin up wit change

So we, called our lawyers to fix this shit

He said it's aight, we bout to be _Free Agents_

Have patience, we can't though, we need paper

Like thirty-five million'll straighten us up

It's nuttin for us to make these songs that bump

Shit that out, then tour for like six months but..

This can't be life, this can't be all there is for us

We need more cream to splurge

Thinkin back, how we used to pick herbs

Me and Hav' in Manhattan, stickin up cowards

for they wallets and Starter hats

For anything worth somethin, we beat 'em out of that

But fuck all that, we grown men, we need Porsches

We need Porsche endorsements and more shit

Yeah Dunn, that sound righteous

I feel stressed though -- so I just

hop in my truck for a drive

Bring my nine, cause that's how I stay alive

As I peel in my Jeep, turnin up this

Goin through withdrawal cause man do I miss

A pint of E&J, some haze, a twist

Me and Hav' on a flight to Rome witcho' bitch

Yes, that's my favorite shit

But without the dollars it don't make sense

So I, write that shit that grab you

Hit up the studio, that's how we get paid in full

YEAH - that's what we get paid to do

The next contract we sign'll be monumental


Uh-huh, yo.. sittin contemplatin on plans

Like a bomb with a short fuse with this gat inside my hand

I need paper, lookin at these stick-up kids

Got me thinkin bout the previous things I did

Gettin bent up, feelin fed up, whattup Dunny

Stomach touchin, niggaz over here type hungry

Waitin on my turn just got me hyper

And impatient, maybe I might just

Lurk with my forty-five, if you outside

I advise yo' ass to hide

We talk with the heat, lettin it spit

Move out the way and you can STILL get hit

They wonder why I'm riskin all this cash I made

Put your feet in my shoes you gon' see it my way..

So niggaz wanna stunt it's cool

My stomach never full, and I will eat your food


Aiyyo Hav', check this out

You go to your girl house and I'll go to mines

Cause my girl definitely mad it took us too long to do this album


Yeah and call Chris Shapiro to make sure they triple that advance man


Aight, no doubt, don't forget we got a flight early tomorrow

Gotta be on time


No doubt, I'ma see you there my nigga

Make sure you remind Noyd, to call Alchemist, and we good


Aight, no question son

Aiyyo what happened to peace? .. {PEACE!!}

["celebration" skit follows]

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