DJ DRAMA & GUCCI MANE - You Know What It Is

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On A Grssen Way to See.

The need for Weed.

My need for speed got me buying laborgines.

My taste in Dressing got my body coverd in G's.

My taste in trapping got me selling kilos a week.

I'm in Miami with a white beatter felling the brezze.

With my white beatter and I'm unmarried looking for skeez.

You say you classy and sadity I say Bitch you a tease.

And ain't no teasing gucci mane I need a girl that's freaky.

I'll drink my rosea out the bottle with no glasses for me.

I give my girl a glass of champane she say thank you gucci.

I take her to the Gucci store and she say thank you daddy.

I tell her baby girl you welcome but it's really nothing.

I thank she want me and I'm felling the same way.

Shawty bring ya A game.

When you

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