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I'm rich as a republican say flyer than a pelican'm ridin' in my new yellow benz with yellow rims and yellow tin ooh girl I'm scared of you true, boo, look you the truth news, I was on the news this gucci that ain't nothin' new tools that's ahead of you coupe with the missin roof if you put up your dukes you might end up snaggletooth longitudes and latitudes I've got so much money dude paint my chevy mountain dew rush? avenue bolder crush got attitude you caught us for 82twos weed and syrup?

I'm higher than a mountain an ounce that's a thousand a pound cost me bout ten'm smokin it in my mansion colder than an ice cube god damn I fucc with mack 10 ike game I claim that red shi but I'm not from compton east atlanta slang gang two slain dead men news say? related, labeled it a gang bang put me in the kitchen point me to the kitchen'll switch up my position tell me who's my competition

I'm higher than a pelican higher than a billy goat the ceo, I'm trying to get you higher than a mountain lion tryin', bubble kush supplyin', lyin buyin' slanging iron? I suggest you fuck with mane you don't need no people cryin time after time remindin so icey got stupid diamonds you just a lil groupie, truly please respect lil gucci movie.

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