DJ DRAMA & GUCCI MANE - In My Business

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[Gucci Mane:]

I'm so fucking dumb I wear diamonds on my thoughts,

There's a diamond on my dick so there's a diamond on her tounge,

I can't feel you baby cause I romantically numb,

Emotionally drained I came here just so I can cum,

There's nothing on the God son that I have'nt done,

Got a lot of promblems gettin pussy just isnt one,

Girls is like buses every 15 mins they run,

Man they like potato chips I just can not have one,

And I might like you for a minute,

But I don't like your friends in my business,

And I feel like you don't deserve a visit,

Cause you ain't in the kitchen when you want a whipping,


Uh, uh ahhhh,

I know you say you love me girl,

I know you say you love me girl,

Problem is you prol tell that sh-t to everybody,

So we hear you talking booboo we just don't believe you


Uh, ok I'm all about it, all for it,

I'm allstar team Jordan, small forward,

I'm never putting up a shot unless it calls for it,

No hesitation so I'm shooting if I draw for it,

How how [? ] f-ck is up, now man I'm in this hoe,

Life is moving fast, where the f-ck do all these minutes go,

Mixtape dropped then I started getting 10 a show,

Now I get a hundred what the f-ck you think I'm in it for,

Young money forever, I bet Gudda, Jay and Mack agree,

F-ck you to the haters that just spend their time attacking me,

Shout out to your girlfriend n-gga lately she distracting me,

Wondering if I'm the best, well I am, no Black Eyed Peas,

Girls wanna f-ck your n-ggas, guy don't wanna be you,

Lining up around the block so that they can get to see you,

I feel like I find a wife exactly when I need to,

You can say whatever girl but we just don't believe you,


[Sean Garret:]

Ain't the your girl

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Sunday 6th of June 2010 05:43
All the lyrics weren't there to sean garret part but i still love the song though....i love you drake his part makes the song he's an inspiration to me b/c he was on degrassi as a nobody but now look at him he's with the young money crew making his money doing every thing right... he went for his dreams and that's what he wanted to do and he accomplished his goals in life.... love you drake from your dearest nicki im out bitches