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Nigga you know I'm a rider, Nigga play the llama

Pull up right beside ya, yup(you know this)

I don't give a fuck bout, What you niggas talk bout

Now you fuckers chalked out, yup(you know this)

True killas, No tellin

Drug dealin and convicted felons

Staged that, Drop top seat pushed way back

This is ya funeral service, Switch it to the all black maybach

Things change nigga this our year

The game need a change, Cold killa right here

Nightmares, For niggas gettin they sleep on

We keepin the streets warm

Real rich young niggas

Street Fam for life they can't fuck with us

Now I-I-I, Go hard

Yea yea yea, So hard

SO hard, So hard, So hard, So hard

Time to send em flowers and cards with our regards

A special rest in peace goes to all you cowards and frauds

Like water in the freezer that's how I go hard

Fly in ya bitches' legs, Twin Tower ya braud

Gotta check ya boy dougie, Check a boy luggy

I scare the shit out niggas, Check ya boy huggies

Death to the competition, Die slow bastard

Black G top on call it closed casket

Black card titanium, No plastic

Black henny shots to the head I'm so blasted

They call me young funeral

And the bitch with badder than my two year old

You niggas softer than a tuna roll, Sushi ass niggas

Bougi ass niggas, With my blues brother's shades I will

Nigga I make it hard like a pretty naked braud

Wassup son

You know ya boy flow extra, I'm harder than concrete

Gimme a couple minutes with a blunt and a hard beat

I'm all street, The hottest niggas is all sweet

I'm listenin, And ain't heard nothin strong all week

Bury you rite beside the gat you in the booth with

I eat ya favorite rapper for breakfast, Gimme a toothpick

These niggas appetizers, Way to bring the entree

I put on for my city so amazing, No Kanye

We runnin ths town, Studda gang all day

We in house and you a outkast, No Andre

I chase it all day, If I ain't pushin bomb yay

Remember jack move, Hands up like the song say

Play with Paul pay, I give it up the wrong way

Chrome 44 bulldog pointed the long way

Without the second thought of a doubt

The competition all dead call the coroner out

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