DJ CRAZY TOONES - G Shit lyrics

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G Shit / Dj Crazy Toones(*Sound of Helicopter Propeller Turning*)[Intro: DJ Crazy Toones]Punk! DJ Crazy Toones in this motherfuckerFinna bust your niggaz heads[Verse One: W.C.]Yo, we're back niggaz, Fuck giving Dap to niggazWestside 'til I die, what's happening niggaz?It's that Rich Rolling, loc'd out, Big green, smoking onCrip Walking, surplus post the shoutHitting a sip and then perking on this liquor, working them triggersAnd when my album dropped, it's curtains for you niggazI got a cult following, I'm dangerousMy fans look like a gang of deaf niggaz throwing up sign languageI'm the Dub, with the A to the K, I amI would've killed you niggaz last album but the trigger jammed (*Gun Cocked*)So I shook Def Jam and hit the switch manNow it's Anybody Killer; if it ain't Lench Mob or Big SwangFuck! niggaz, Fuck! bitches, Fuck! all the hype (Hype hype, Fuck! them)Fuck! you, you ain't tight your A&R's a lie (BITCH!)Fuck! radio and videos and Fuck! a labelI walk in your mixer meeting, piss on the table (*Laughter*)Wrecking tours, take a Cheque, on who they're checking for usStepping out the Cadillac with suicide doorsSo let the liquor pour, mother fuck a metal floor (..DJ Crazy Toones!)I'm trying to put my Chucks down on the pedal of the '64Check skrilla, check figures, stay checking niggazLot of cowards try, but they can't get with usIt's the Tech gripper, vest splitter, claim the west niggaCatch you in the bathroom and take that chain off your chest niggaAin't nothing changed Loc, I'm coming to you niggazStill down to catch a fame with any one of you niggazSo after this; I'm done with you niggazAnd since most of y'all can't take a ass whooping I'm gunning you niggazAnd rapping's running L.A.'s streetsI'm getting twenty thousand a show to skip across stage on my feetIn presidential suites, getting licked to my feetLeaving nut stains and Golden Bird chicken grease on the sheetsNiggaz mad cause I'm maneuvering past in a new JagWindows down yelling; Fuck! you fags (Fuck! you)Leaning on that new leather like shoe tagsCause me and money go together like pockets and blue rags (Nigga)Like tricks and whores, like rain and stormsLike guns and drugs, Kirk Franklin and pornsLike dicks and pussies, like weed and zagsJohnny Gill and Eddie Murphy, like police and fagsWhen we come through; look at how they all frownMe and Cube walk through; we shut the Fox Hills Mall downNiggaz want to get me, cause their bitch came with them in their HemiBut left with us in that BentleyBut what do you expect? - she was curious, the diamonds are so seriousMake her wants our CT ExperienceSlingshot, chest up, heads of the best is usWhores down motherfucker, West up![Break: sample of Public Enemy 'Rebel Without a Pause'][Chuck D] Bring that beat back, man[Flavor.] Bring that beat back[Chuck D] Bring the beat back[Flavor ] Y'all want to hear that beat, right?[Chuck D] Bring that beat back![Unknown] Please stand up![DJ Crazy Toones]I'm standing the fuck up nigga!Real mixtape DJs, Who am I?[Ice Cube] Crazy Toones nigga![DJ Crazy] Right, Who is you?[Ice Cube] Ice Cube, nigga![DJ Crazy] What you got, loc?[Ice Cube] The Pyroclastic Flow[DJ Crazy] It's The CT Experience![Hook: Ice Cube]Gangsters shit up in this, you know how we get downWest Coast nigga, with the trademark frownCome through the spot, with nothing on the waistCause niggaz all around me down to catch a case[DJ Crazy Toones scratching quotes below]Ma-ma-ma-many people listen to... Ice CubeTo find out what time it isI'm-I'm-I'm running, I'm-I'm-I'm running.. Los-Los-Los Angeles, Los Angeles[Verse Two: Ice Cube]I was raised by the Gs, under palm treesDealt with the dealers, adopted by the killersGot a Ford for a car, plus a double R (Crazy Toones nigga)Rappers get my autograph, bitch you can do the mathI want that beat fool, I'm down with C ToonesWe from the G School, you niggaz see throughR&B ass niggaz, rapping with your shirt offLeave them face down in the street when I skirt offNiggaz in the hood look, they call me Rupert MurdochSly as a fox, thick as an ox niggaI'm so sick; when I come through the blockNever sold a bird but niggaz call me Chicken Pox(It's a motherfucking CT Experience..)Understand that, understand thisWe infamous up in this, who you're fucking with?Break your wrist, take your shit, then we take a tripAnd when they find you, mistake you for a naked bitchGangster shit up in this, you know how we get downWest Coast nigga, with the trademark frownCome through the spot, with nothing on the waistCause niggaz all around me down to catch a caseGangster shit up in this, you know how we get downWest Coast nigga, with the trademark frownCome through the spot, with nothing on the waistCause niggaz all around me down to catch a case[Granny] God Damn![Toones] I'm serving all you bitch ass niggaz[Unkown] That's right, me and you gon' get hurt if you keep on messingaround![Granny] God Damn![Toones] Use your turntables niggaz[sample]Yeah, shit, this is dedicated to all you biters out thereY'all better watch y'all's ass!Where you from?[DJ Crazy Toones]I'm from South Central Los Angeles, we influenced the world nigga!

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