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Dizzy Wright - God Bless America lyrics

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Ft. Big K.R.I.T., Tech N9ne, Chel'le

(Intro: Dizzy Wright)

Yo, it's takin' a lot for me to give y'all all of me

For y'all to take it and run with it

And turn it into sum' shit that it's not

(Verse: Dizzy Wright)

Yo, exceeded my expectations a while ago

They wonderin' why Dizzy the one that's always smilin' for

I listen a lot and look at everythin' I done accomplished, mane

Still, my baby girl and son is the main thing that I value most

Family, fuck a xanny, I'm puffin' on this flower though

Ya piece of shit, no thang, we keep it lit

No hard feelings, don't eva change, don't eva quit

When I found out livin' legends still exist, I knew I had to commit

So I heard that this new generation was waitin' on me

After The Golden Age, these old heads been prayin' for me

To get involved, maybe vent to y'all, and make an impact

Betta plant a seed and water that bitch and watch it grow

Now how many times I got to say it? I been down and out

But ya only get so many chances till you're foulin' out

And I'm like, 'let me live without takin' no breaths'

My mind is focused on which task I'm finna take on next, uh

I think back when I just hung with my dawgs

My mama could neva keep a man cause we was runnin' him off

Needed a father figure but I don't like how he comin' across

He end up gone, she was sad but I felt like that's his loss

I told her, 'neva bend yo head, look the world straight in the eyes'

'Ya deserve luv, but a queen don't need a king to survive'

And it's a blessin' to be able to rap and not feed y'all lies

Or fake my happiness like everything's just fine

I mean, we all human beings but we not alike

Cause the loudest on the Internet get to sleep through a quiet night

It's a big difference and it's teachin' me a lot about who we are, how like

Money don't change people, it just bring out who they truly are

Man, I done seen the most from coast to coast

They got us crossin' ova the border line

I don't got all the answers but we need to be mo' organized

So here's a lil enlightenin' for yo peace of mind

Everythin' ya need in this life ya live will come at the perfect time

So God bless America

(Hook: Chel'le)

In God we trust

Born in royalty, they can't take that from us

No, matta what, runs through our blood

We have the power, we just like to trust (trust!)

Just have yo faith and believe

Keep calm, my young kings and queens

Watch and you'll see, and when that day comes

May God bless America

(Verse 2: Big K.R.I.T.)

Uh, follow me, follow me through the hardships

Pardon my need to be swift with how I start this speech

Who ya mo' like? Malcolm or Martin?

The game that they play with us, brother, don't have no cartridge

Button mashers, disaster casters, they ass backwards

I might slave for a meal but ya ain't my master

Runnin' through the field, all I hear is laughter

Cause them chains that kept us here can no longer capture

The heart of my folk, foot on my the throat of my oppressor

For all of them ropes, they tied a tree for my ancestors

If limbs could talk, they'd cry for days

Sad, they gave all they had but couldn't break under pressure

Blood on the leaves, Glock on the dresser

Them laws plottin', protect and serve but I know betta

The news a lie, to ya and I, TV ain't real

So don't ya try, to be like none of them Housewives

Sellin' us fools' gold

Tell a son to slang dope and daughter twerk when they get old

Damn shame, how we find time to sit around

Smokin' and drankin', while they corporate bangin'

Don't be content with the hood, nigga, what is ya thinkin'?

I got a small violin if ya don't vote for complainin'

About the government, stand up on sum' brother shit

And stop being on sum' other shit, God bless America

(Interlude: Tech N9ne)

Despite all the barriers

If ya do whateva ya do every day

Ya can get it, I did it

(Verse 3: Tech N9ne)

From the poorest, they said I got to push for all my dreams and they flourished

Then a forest full of obstacles, I got the dope cause I'm morest

Don't ignore it, that I built this vocab without a thesaurus

When the war is pressin', they be askin' me questions like Katie Couric

Like, 'did ya sell dope when ya fell broke?'

Tryin' to stop a male's hope who neva dropped the jail soap

Made it up out of Hell's scope, they ask, can I spell 'vote'?

I'm feelin' like they tryin' to tell jokes, ya pale rope

I'm a U.S. citizen escapin' the penitentiary they hid us in

The kid has been fitted to quit and then spit it and shit again

But I became noble and wellrounded like an oval

Neva will I be grounded for disposal

Everybody be astounded by the mogul, Tech N9ne!

No mo' sayin', 'I can't afford this'

Even when I was down, my plan was to neva abort this

Don't forget, they said I sold my soul, that's horse shit

Cause I simply thought my way onto the Forbes list

So God bless America


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