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Dizzy Wright - False Reality lyrics

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Ya get what ya get, nigga

Ay freeze, give me that lighter bro

Go ahead and light sumethin' up

Vibe wit me


Neva lettin' this entertainment business drive me (drive me)

Neva will I let bein' famous make me cocky (makin' me cocky)

So I watch out fo' these bitches

Cuz it'll take them thirty years fo' them

To try to tarnish yo name like Bill Cosby

No paparazzi all in front of my steps

Sumetimes, we bruvas, we just do that shit to ourselves

We learn from it wit a lil help in a major way

I'm just hopin' we don't fuck around

And make the same mistakes

But look I'm back here in the same spot that I left in (that I left in)

Ya don't know me, cool

I'm makin' my very best first impression

Been blessed to send y'all a message

Every time ya get into a mood

I'm here fo' the grown folks to youth

Yo family and boo and ya

I'm talkin' everybody

Ya can accept it at yo own pace

But we can't keep screamin' racism

If we killin' our own race

Not only are we against them

We against us

We been fucked up

Cuz this rap life is a fuckin' false reality


If I could make a livin'

Keepin' it real job

Keepin' it real job

Keepin' it real job

Then I could go to the grave

Knowin' I did my job

Did my job

[?] a false reality

Touchin' the world

Got to make this music live for eva man

Live fo' eva man Live fo' eva man

Neva let sumeone say make ya feel

Ya don't feel deserve everythin'

These false realities ain't everythin'

(Verse 2)

She was dyin' on the outside

Maybe was growin' on the inside

Bringin' a new life into this life

How did it get this way?

Dealin' wit these petty thugs

That rather hit every club

Instead of givin' they baby mama belly rubs

Childish things

Lie about a lot of these things

Like tryna get close to bad bitches

Not knowin' we puttin' down our queens

We don't even notice all this drama we cause

Look, if ya don't know nothin' about how to luv, brotha

Ya don't know nothin' at all

Thinkin' like what if 50 years ago

They had what we got?

These cell phones or the Internet

Would have been divided by color

Ya all can't even repay us fo' this shit we dealin' wit now

So the newer niggas got to be able to help their younger bruvas

And luv each otha cuz the people still talkin'

The soul of Doctor King is still marchin'

We dealin' wit these everyday tragedies

Kids wrapped up in the rap life, that's false reality

No, I don't got to bring up race to know this country was build off it, I'm just sayin'


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