DISTURBED - You’re Mine lyrics

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I've begun to realize that no matter when I am with you

You deliver me from the pain in my life

Easy now to recognized all the misery I have been through

It was leading me to submission till the day you arrive


Certainly I felt alive

Strength I had lost was revived

An ending inside of me

Both know why


Cause you're mine

I knew I could be holding you

Were mine!

I make worth shedding funding

Cause you're mine

(Verse 2)

In between too many times, didn't think I would ever recover

Let it hurt me for the rest of my life

Till you opened up my eyes and you helped me rediscover

When the world had resurrected a man who had died


Your power regave me new life

Lately reborned and refined

We _____(?) from inside

And we both know why



I never thought I would never escape

In times I wanted to die

Feel dead and I was just a little too late

From then I wouldn't survive

I let you in and let go of the hate

My heart recover now, why?

Owe you a debt that I can never repay

I'm still relieved cause you're mine

I'm burning inside and we both know why


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