DISTURBED - Who Taught You How To Hate lyrics

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I hear the noise and this echo all around me

Realize that you don’t know even who I am

Lookin’ on killagan

As the unknown, he will miss all round me

We could last to raise it all inside my head

And I ain’t feel the tread

What I ain’t do, why I deserve this?

Something different, why do I deserve to die?

Get me the rings of life

Then it all goes away

From my hands all explode, yeah myself tell me no


Who thought you how to hate because it isn’t in your blood

Not a part of what you meant so let this be understand

Somebody thought you how to hate

When you let this, who you’ll become

Dare with anyone


My father beating all this beside me, I look around and get all the children ray

And perfect disparate, no judge me, public desolation

Not to wipe the public and deserve it all

Nothin’ bring the vibe

This alwayse ballin’, print don’t even see there

Reach is here to bang it to the other side

Into a murder with lies

Everythin is unsure when you’ve lost your side

Yeah and it still be yours

Who thought you how to hate?



Lost in innocence, inveted an arrogance deeper

In your life

Don’t you be so ignorant, you’re too good for them

You’re deny

Deep in your heart you still remain

Do you think, you can get back to life again

Where’s the key for you, we only revenue

Make it so ____(?)

(Hook x 2)

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