DISTURBED - Save Our Last Goodbye lyrics

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Don't wanna hear it sober

When the rude awakening

Angel of death has come and

Ripped you from my life

I can't stand the devastation

Relentless agony

Hope that I get to see you

On the other side


The sky, has it turned the blackest night?

Now you're gone and justice arrive


Save our last goodbye

Embed it in my mind, your face will never leave me

Save our last goodbye

It's killing me that I won't get to hear your laughter anymore

(Verse 2)

What faith I had is broken

And I question everything

And those shards of doubt begin to

Penetrate my heart

With every waking hour, within everything I say

The shadow of your loss are tearing me apart




My world is shattered in misery

I'm beating, I'm drinking oceans of lies

Preceding time, nothing goes away

But in my soul it will forever stay


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