DISTURBED - Open Your Eyes lyrics

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You're paralyzed with your disguise

You feed on the lies that they tell you

Got to break away from the numbing pain

So calm to the rage that's inside you

You're hypnotized, demoralized

You'll need every lie that they sell you

Stop channelling, whatever will remains

To sort from what's fiction and what is dream


Open your eyes

Open your eyes

Open your eyes

See through the disguise

Won't you open your eyes!

(Verse 2)

You've lost your sense from the emptiness

You do as the headlines compel you

Come home again and let the war begin

Destroy the veneeer that surrounds you

There's no defense for your recklessness

You stare as the proof lies before you

Why can't you see, are you afraid to be

Exposed to the demons around you?

(Chorus x2)


You will now be running, in a world you cannot hide

Know the end is comin' for the lamb that's standing in line

Overcoming, there's a fury built inside

It can all be broken, if you'd only open your eyes

(Chorus x2)

Thanks to Sean mahoney (bacon for the win) for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to Rayth for correcting these lyrics

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