DISTURBED - Immortalized lyrics

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This is war time, this is our time, we won't be denied

Feed the fire that is raging inside

This is go time, this is show time

We will fight ‘til their wills are broken

This is game time, an insane time, let the madness fly

Show them strength that just can’t be defied

Find the power to devour, let the beast inside now be woken


In this world only the strong will survive

Hear the roar and you will know you’re alive

Feel the energy build in your soul cos' it’s time


Oh, in the calm before the storm

Another legend will be born

Another battle will be won, we will rise

Oh, so heed the call of confrontation

Today we feed on domination

Secure a legacy that will never die

Be immortalized!

(Verse 2)

Raw emotion, pure devotion, they will testify

And our memory will endure for all time

Never hiding, no dividing

Let them witness us move as one now

Show no mercy, let the world see, we're invincible

Show them nothing is beyond our control

Take it higher, our desire

Will determine what we’ve become now

(Pre-Chorus 2)

Are you ready for the test of your life?

See the fear bleeding right through their eyes

Feel the energy build in your soul cos' it’s time



Feel it, take no prisoners now

Take it, there it is standin' in front of us

Hear it, our deliverance now

Own it, give 'em an image of us that will, last for all time


Thanks to Rayth for correcting these lyrics

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