Dillinger Four

Dillinger Four - Like Sprewells On A Wheelchair lyrics

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Not so jumpy now, downtown

No talk of concerns or fear

We'll just hand over all our tax money

Then bitch about nothing but the price of cable and beer.

Oh, how easy it is sometimes

To get lost in these party lines

Are we cops of the free even overseas

Or this 'them and us' mentality ruin our eyes.


It's a message from the malcontent

We refuse to buy, we're heaven sent

With our gameface on

We're a UN no-show bullies from the get go.

They hit us with this 'love it or leave it' shit

Like a dog in a cage trained to beg then sit

If that's how it's gonna be

I'm not calling this home.

Mine's a little voice

Shit, I thought that was the point

Born of a freedom never realized

With manifest destiny kept like a sign from the skies.

All around the world

They're ignored and pissed

Staring back at us

Like we're spoiled little kids

How have we proven them wrong

With police states, hollywood, embargos and radio songs.


We're the land of the free trial membership to crap

Where adults can't find world powers on a map

Where leaders run free with absconded power

Where a flag costs more than you make in an hour

Where I stand with so many but we're told we're alone

Where I work for a living but I never feel at home.

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